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A few of us have talked about changes/improvements that might be considered for our little organization. If this interests you, please join the informal session for that on Monday, February 10th at John Nelson’s office*.

As usual, our meetings will start at 7:00 p.m. with some introductions, general instructions, and discussion AND coffee, tea, and cookies as always!

Mike Burns

Front Range Songwriter’s Workshop is a monthly get-together of lyricists and songwriters with the mission of improving their craft. Meetings typically include a discussion of music industry trends followed by presentation of works in progress. Presenters should bring 10 copies of lyrics and/or music for review while presenting their work. This is a diverse and highly supportive group welcoming all styles and levels of craft.

*Location: John Nelson’s office at 1626 E. Pikes Peak Ave., CS 80909. This is the corner of Pikes Peak Ave and Meade, one block west of Union and across from Memorial Park. His office phone is 632-3384.

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