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Featured Songwriter Justin Faye (from a Facebook page)

Each month COMBO features songs from mostly Colorado Songwriters on its website. These songs were gleaned by COMBO’s Board Member Mark King from many sources including the internet but mostly from entries into COMBO’s annual Songwriting Contest.

This month’s songs include:
● “Kid” – Isabelle Stillman (top scoring song of COMBO’s 2019 Songwriting Contest)
● “Goodnight Sweet Baby Sweet Dreams” – Laurie Dameron
● “Mile High Lament” – Jeffrey Dallet
● “That Sallinger Novel – Isabelle Stillman
● “Bree Tree” – Justin Faye

Mark deserves a lot of credit for helping out unsigned songwriters by spending a lot of time listening to songs, uploading them, and featuring them.

Unfortunately for us, Mark is moving on from COMBO. If anyone would like to continue this wonderful feature, we sure would appreciate your help. Volunteer only but maybe someone out there loves listening to original music by Colorado musicians and would be glad to pass the songs along to our readership. Please contact Barb Dye at President@coloradomusic.org if you’d like to help out.

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