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Singer/Songwriter/Musician Andy Ard [Photo credit: Shannon Reed Photography]

Each month COMBO features songs from mostly Colorado Songwriters on its website. These songs are gleaned from many sources including internet sites. Our big THANKS to COMBO Board Members David Barber and (drummer) Lee Bagby for catching these songs from Colorado artists/ songwriters for us! If your song has not been featured and you’d love for us to “spread the word,” please send an e-mail to LeeBagby56@hotmail.com with the subject line, “Song to Feature”. He’ll get back to you!

This month’s songs include:

● “Won’t You Stay” – Riley Jones
● “Rain or Shine” – Kerry Pastine and the Crime Scene
● “Let’s Never Break Up” – Andy Ard
● “You Will Never Have A Love Like Mine” – Steve Son
● “CoDependent” – A Vintage Future



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