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And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… DSE Virtual Edition is open for registration! We’re so excited for this event February 18-20. We’re offering our early bird registration rate through January 15, but sign up in the next 10 days to get a bonus listening session!!

We can’t wait to see you all. Sending hugs.

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DSE Virtual 2021!

Hey Durango Fam! We hope everyone is safe and healthy. We miss all of you and are so excited to see you all in February. We are hopeful that things are looking up in the world, and hope you are keeping your chin up as well. Unfortunately, since Covid-19 cases are still on the rise and we’re not sure yet what the situation will be like in February, we have decided to host the upcoming Durango Songwriters Expo virtually.

The good news is we did Durango Film/TV virtually in September and it was an incredible success. We have an amazing technical crew headed up by Andrew Rudd and Merry Ellen Kirk and we’ve come up with something that closely mirrors our live Expos and keeps intact the incredible sense of community that makes Durango so special.

We’ve already confirmed over 40 music industry pros, including music supervisors, A&R, publishers, producers, and managers, who are all thrilled that we can do this virtually. They love Durango as much we all do and they appreciate the unique opportunities it presents. We’re so grateful to them for their support.

Within the next few days we will have the brochure and registration available on the website, so keep your eyes peeled for the registration to open, as we’ll be giving bonus listening sessions to attendees who register in the first 10 days. Just like our in-person Expo, we will limit this virtual event to 200 attendees and keep the same ratio of attendees to industry that we do at The Expo.

We know everyone is starved for opportunities and it’s important that we keep the unique sense of community that Durango provides, especially in this current environment where live gatherings are not feasible nor safe. We so look forward to the day when we can all get together again, but for now, at the very least we’ll get together virtually and we will keep this incredible Durango spirit and sense of community alive.

Everyone please stay safe and well.

All the best from the Durango team,
Jim, Merry Ellen, Tess, Jack, Vince, Caitlin, Susan, and the entire crew.


970-259-9747 | 970-946-9521 | jim@durangosong.com

“Every handshake here is important…” ~ Meghan Trainor

Visit our website at http://www.Durango-Songwriters-Expo.com to learn more and get signed up.


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