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Neil Young in Oslo, Norway, 2009 (photo by Ole Hagen)

By Andy Greene, Rolling Stone | Neil Young’s most recent Fireside Session featured a new rendition of his 2006 song “Lookin’ for a Leader” that lambasted President Trump and urged people to vote against him in the 2020 election. He’s now calling the song “Looking for a Leader 2020” and he’s released it onto streaming services; he’s also posted a standalone video on the Neil Young Archives.

Young sings:
Yeah, we had Barack Obama and we really need him now
The man who stood behind him has to take his place somehow
America has a leader building walls around our house
He don’t know black lives matter and we got to vote him out.

The song was part of a special politically charged Fireside Session that also included “Ohio,” “Southern Man,” “Alabama” and a cover of Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are-a Changin.’” Young has been a consistent voice against Trump from the earliest days of his administration, even though the president continues to play “Rockin’ in the Free World” at his rallies. Earlier this week, Young said he’s contemplating a lawsuit over the issue. [As of this writing, Mr. Young has sued the Trump Campaign to stop them from using his songs without his express permission.]

“Imagine what it feels like to hear ‘Rockin’ in the Free World’ after this president speaks, like it is his theme song,” Young wrote. “I did not write it for that.”
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