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Songwriting team Alan Tripp, 102, right, and Marvin Weisbord, 88, have produced ‘Senior Song Book’(Photo by Lisa Schaefer Photography)

You never know where you’ll discover new musical talent. Chip Reid met up with two up and coming recording stars at a retirement home. They’re 88 and 102 years old.

Marvin Weisbord (88) and Alan Tripp (102) met in a nursing home and started writing songs, with the sage advice that you’re never too old to write a song!

Example of their lyrics: “I know that I want to kiss you/but baby there’s an issue/I just can’t remember your name!”


Originally shown on CBS Evening News!

Buy “Senior Songbook” here: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/venturainnovationsllc

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