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Film & TV songs are hot. Commercials, TV dramas, Reality TV, and competition shows are using more songs than ever. Original programming from producers like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO have erased the notion of “seasons.” It’s a year-round gig and music libraries want to fill the need.

This month I’m taking a look at Film & Television songs by three artists who get a lot of placements. We’ll dive deep into a song from each to see how they work, why they’re so successful, and how you can use those ideas in songs of your own.

“Got It In You” – BANNERS

Songwriters: Michael Nelson (aka BANNERS), Sarah Berrios


Verse 1
Holding back the flood
In this skyscraper town
You give all that sweat and blood
Now you think you’re gonna drown
You can’t tell that you’re bigger
Than the sea that you’re sinking in
And you don’t know what you got
But you got it at your fingertips

[Two more songs and songwriters are included in this chapter.]

Aim for an emotional situation
For a song to be effective as underscore accompanying a scene (as opposed to source music playing within a scene), it needs to express an emotion, mood, or atmosphere in a way that will enhance the impact of the scene for the viewer.

These songwriters couldn’t know what specific scene (if any) their song would be used in. But because they wrote about emotions and situations that are universal, their songs could be used in many scenes. Everyone has had experiences and felt emotions like these. Many movie and TV scenes are also built on common, universal experiences we all share. Even if it happens to a vampire or zombie, it’s still a feeling we can relate to. Songs like these will work for any scene built on a similar emotional situation.

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