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Alf Kremer — in disguise

MUSICIANS! For those of you getting a bit bored with playing with yourself (yuk), would any of you be interested in doing a remote 45+1 song with me? Here’s how it would work.

* You’d need to have some sort of method for an audio recording your performance. It wouldn’t have to be studio-quality, but I don’t think iPhone video would work. But if you can just run a mic or DI into your computer to record, that’d be more than sufficient.

* You’d have to pick an instrumental 45 from my collection to play to. I have hundreds to choose from, in pretty much every genre. (Most are from pre-1990, simply because that’s when they all but stopped pressing vinyl.) I have them all up on YouTube, and I can send you the link to peruse the collection if you’re interested. If you need help selecting, I’m down for that.

* I’ll send you an mp3 of the record – I’ll add ten seconds of silence plus a four-count at the start of the mp3, so you won’t have to hit “play” then run to grab your instrument before the song starts. 🙂 At that point, come up with something to do along with it. Take as long as you’d like with this – there’s no rush.

* When you’re ready, set yourself up to record. ALSO have your phone or iPad video-record yourself. Play the mp3 in headphones while you play along, so that the recording is ONLY of you. I’d prefer a one-take on this – mistakes are part of the game with 45+1 gigs! – but if you totally screw up and want to start over, I can’t stop you. 🙂

* Once done, email me BOTH the video footage AND the recording. I’ll mix the 45 into your recording, and then combine it with your video footage.

* Once that’s done, I’ll post it here on Facebook. I’ll also include a link to your venmo or other account if people would like to tip you.

If anybody is interested, please respond to this post, and I’ll hit you via DM. Not sure how this will work, but then again, I wasn’t sure how 45+1 was going to work, either….and that came out pretty damn fun.

Be sure you go to Alf’s Facebook page! Do not send to COMBO’s “comments” page!


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