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Erin Frankenheimer (from the Amazing Radio website)

Since we launched in England in 2007, we have given global first-ever radio play to countless artists – our Hall of Fame all started here. We’re launching in America and bought CMJ, to try to help America’s best new musicians. We promise to honor artists and do all we can to build careers.

You keep your copyrights and get considered for Amazing Radio USA, Amazing Radio UK and CMJ – which re-launches with the Virtual CMJ Music Marathon this summer, and the NYC Marathon when life returns to normal. And if you decide to sell your music through Amazing, you keep 100% of the money.


CMJ Music Marathon is back this year, virtually. They were bought by AmazingRadio. To submit you must join at http://AmazingRadio.us

[Editor’s note: We were unable to fully check this site out as they required you to register first. So we don’t know if there is a “join up fee” or not. We’ll post a “Buyer Beware” on it because of that.]


[Thank you to Alex Teitz, http://www.femmusic.com, for contributing this article.]

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