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Submission Deadline: This Sunday, March 3, 2019. We want to feature your music in our 2019 videos with Colorado Creative Industries — and pay you for it!

Thanks for checking out our call for Colorado musicians. I’m Zach Wolfson and my company Infusion5 works with Colorado Creative Industries each year to produce short-form documentary videos that feature and celebrate artists and creatives throughout Colorado.

We’re reaching out to you because we want to make every aspect of the videos genuinely Colorado, including the music!

Here’s a brief overview for our upcoming video projects:
● Required: Instrumental music or instrumental versions of songs that are video edit friendly.
● All styles/genres of music are welcome.
● We can offer a license fee of $150 per song, per video, for a total of 5 videos this year.
● For usage: The final videos will be screened at events and published online; no ads will be run against them
● Music will be licensed by Infusion5 and used in a “Beyond the Gallery” episode or a “Governor’s Creative Leadership Awards” film, directed by Zach Wolfson for Colorado Creative Industries.
● We will notify you if your music is selected so we can complete licensing paperwork together and pay you for the use of your music.

We’ve worked with many amazing artists over the years, including Chimney Choir, Kyle James Hauser, David Burchfield, and The Burroughs.

If you’re interested in submitting your songs for consideration to possibly be licensed and used in upcoming videos with Colorado Creative Industries, please use the form below to respond to our Call for Colorado Musicians. Questions? Contact me here.

Again – Submission Deadline is Sunday, March 3, 2019.

Thank you!
Zach Wolfson, Infusion5

Here’s an episode from Season 5 of Beyond the Gallery for reference, and see samples of Award films here on Colorado Creative Industries’ website.

Beyond the Gallery with De Lane Bredvik and featuring music by David Burchfield.


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