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The Annual Podunk Bluegrass Festival’s songwriting contest has gotten underway with a deadline for entries prior to May 1. The top three winners will receive cash prizes and other amenities, including the opportunity to perform their song on stage during the upcoming festival Aug. 6-9 in Goshen, CT.

If your song is among the top 3 and if you cannot come to the festival to perform your song for our audience, that will not affect your place in the contest. In such a case we would either play a recording of your song over our sound system or we may ask a group from our Main Stage lineup to perform it on your behalf.

If you have the winning song in 2020 your song will be performed the following season by the top 4 contestants in the band competition. Recordings of those performances will be provided to you and to our area bluegrass-friendly radio stations.

The 2019 winning song, Bear in the Barn, composed by Stan Keach of Rome, Maine will be performed at the festival this year by the top 4 competing bands on opening day.

Entry guidelines are located at http://www.podunkbluegrass.com under the contest tab. At this same site the winning songs from the past five years are available for you to hear.

For more info call Myrna Riquier 860-455-9400.

Myrna Riquier
Podunk Bluegrass Festival
Goshen, CT

[Editor’s note: Buyer Beware – make sure your song has been properly copyrighted before sending it for such public exposure!]

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