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Jeffrey Dallet Band at COMBO Songwriters Showcase at Walnut Room

Jeffrey Dallet looking for your videos!

[Editor’s note: Whoops! When I posted this, I didn’t notice the “post in the comments” line. So what happened is that many of you posted your shows on COMBO’s Facebook page, and not on the Colorado Original Band Community’s page! We have passed those shows onto them so, hopefully, all is well now. But we’ll repost the original note here FYI. Please post your shows to the below listed link!]

Hello! My name is Jeffrey Dallet and I’m a local singer songwriter. I work for RMPBS and we’re trying to support musicians in these trying times. If anyone has any virtual shows or live streaming shows coming up, please post them in the comments [at the link below] so we may share them on our social media platforms to help support you all. Also please post links to where people can stream or buy your music. Thanks everyone, we want to help!



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