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The view from the hotel at the DSE in Ventura, CA!

Dip your toes in an ocean of inspiration! “The song ‘Tough Times’ written by Scott Miller and me, both longtime DSE attendees, won first place and hit a home run in the NSAI ‘Hitsville’ contest, which got us a contract for that song with ‘ole.’ I then did some re-writing for them, and they did a nice new demo of the song, and are currently pitching it to major label artists in Nashville… We are so grateful to the DSE playing a huge role in this process as we brought it there for feedback and critiques and played it live etc. – several times! We got some really good feedback, and also made some more updates and polishing due to that feedback. We are looking forward to bringing more new songs also! We are both so thankful to be able to attend the DSE! You guys have such a cool event, we can’t thank you enough for providing these amazing opportunities, to meet new friends and co-writers, networking, pitching, performing, learning how to work, work, work, improve, improve, improve and polish, polish, polish, rinse and repeat!!!” — Lee Johnson (Winner of WWAHM)

See more at: http://www.durango-songwriters-expo.com/


Get feedback on your song in person, directly from the pros.

1. You may submit to a maximum of 3 Song Listening Sessions. (Only one selection per time slot.)

2. Along with your registration fee, circle Song Listening Sessions on other side of form.

3. Do not mail CDs for Listening Sessions! Bring your songs with you to Listening Sessions (CD,
phone, or laptop are fine!)

4. ALSO, bring 3 typewritten copies of lyric sheets to each session.

5. We will try to accommodate all suggested preferences, though we can make no guarantees.

6. Song Listening Session assignments will remain posted in Thursday’s sign-in area throughout the event.


We will be selecting performing singer/songwriters for live showcases to be held on Thursday
Feb. 20 and Friday Feb. 21.

Submit for an opportunity to showcase your talent in front of major music industry decision makers.

Showcasees will have 4 minutes time to perform 1 song. To submit for this opportunity, email MP3’s or links to jattebery@frontier.net.

Showcase available to attendees only.

We reserve the right to refuse participation to any individual at our discretion.

Deadline for showcase submissions is Feb 9, 2020.

Selected Singer/Songwriters will be notified on or before Feb 17, 2020. $15.00 fee per submission. Address Service Requested February20-22,2020

Hey Expo-ites!
Just a reminder, November 5th was the last day to get a bonus listening session with your early bird discount! Don’t miss out on other benefits. Give Jim a call and get registered ASAP.

How to Register:

Step 1. Check out the Registration Info section on our website and scope out the new brochure.

Step 2. Give Jim a call to talk through the best registration options for you at 970-259-9747.

Step 3. Finish up with our new online registration process, so we can get all your information and get you in the right sessions. https://durango-songwriters-expo.com/registration/

Looking forward to seeing you soon!!

The DSE Team

Jim Attebery
970-259-9747 | 970-946-9521 | jim@durangosong.com
Durango Songwriters Expo
300 Waters Way
Durango, CO 81301-8218

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