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From Tracey Chirhart, TAC Music Management | I’ve been working with the George Espenlaub Show out of Delaware (he has Colorado followers that jump on the show’s chat room nightly) booking bands to appear on his radio show.

He is a huge music lover that promotes musicians like crazy and one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. He has featured Remus Tucker Band, Melmo & the Middlemen, Cass Clayton, Ryan Chrys & the Roughcuts and upcoming include Michael Scott Band, Mojo Mama, Scott Slay & the Rail, and more.

George also started another show, Ladies Lunch, and is looking for women who want to come on the show and talk about their business or just about anything they would like to share to the public.

I’m sure there are plenty of bands and women out there that would love to be interviewed for exposure in new markets. He prefers blues, country, rock, bluegrass, anything you can tap your feet to as he says.. ha,ha… (not so big on metal & rap). So thought I’d throw that out there to give some local bands and women business owners a chance to share their music and stories!


Tracey Chirhart
TAC Music Management

Please contact Tracey if you want to be on the shows as she’s doing the scheduling.

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