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Julie Geller of Denver’s women’s Setting the Stage network

If you could spend time in a studio, what would you create? A poem? A sculpture? A painting? A song? Now, imagine: What if there was a community that supported you? What if you had the tools to create a sustainable routine?

If you are yearning to let your creative self soar, I’ve got great news for you! Our Magic of You Creativity Course begins next Tuesday and we’ve got a spot for you!

Here’s what we’ll be covering:

● Strategies for inner critics, old and new
● Street wisdom on the artistic process
● How to build a consistent practice
● instruction on volume and pacing
● Why projects fall apart and what to do about it
● Guidance on family, boundaries, and new creative freedom
● The surprising power of deadlines
● You will create a finished piece of work that you love!

If you are feeling a “hell, yeah!” to the above, or maybe a “yes, but I’m utterly terrified,” this course is very likely for you.

Here’s what past participants have said:

There is no way someone can take this class and not have a creative transformation.” – Macy Harjot Matarazzo

“This class opened up a ten-year creative block that I have had in songwriting.” – Carli Zug

“I had so much pent-up creative energy that had no outlet. I have produced work that I am proud of.” – Miriam Hoffman

Click here for full details about The Magic of You course. Or, feel free reply to this email with any questions you have about this course or about creativity in general. I love questions!


Yours in creativity and service –

p.s. Save the date for our creative women’s summer bash! Thursday, July 25th at 7PM. Details and location TBA

About Setting the Stage Creative Women’s Network
We are a network of around 200 creative women that was founded in 2016 by singer/songwriter Julie Geller in order to support and connect creative women in and around Denver. If you consider yourself to be a casual creative, a working artist, or anything in between, you are welcome!

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