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By Mike Grady, 9News Denver | There’s always music pouring out of Swallow Hill Music – from sold-out concerts to the first notes of a music lesson, or jam sessions.

But one Sunday each month, that music is coming from Mountain Mamas Music.

It’s a group of women who get together to learn, play, listen, teach and do all things musical together. It was formed in 2019 by J.J. Breazeale and Kim Burke.

“I think it can sometimes be intimidating to show up to a jam, and you’re the only woman there. That happens quite frequently,” Burke said.

Burke and Breazeale are hoping to create a safe environment for women to play in.

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Sims has been a musician all her life. She teaches music and currently performs with Bonnie and the Clydes. Breazeale and Burke recruited her as a Mountain Mamas instructor.

Sims has hosted a bluegrass jam for over a decade and said it’s a rarity to see women players outnumber men.

“I get excited I count the females that are there. At my bluegrass jam one time, there was more women than men and I get excited. I announce it to the group,” she said. “Having an all-women one is just like a big ole’ party.”


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