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COMBO’s own rocker, vocal coach, and mentor Adrienne O

One of my students grew his singing range by 3 octaves with only a few vocal lessons. You can see that kind of improvement, too, by using my 50% discount for a Nail Every Note membership. This deal will only last until June 1.

Here’s a question I get from new students all the time: How long does it take to get good at singing?

Well, the correct answer is, “It varies.”

But… the answer is more often than not, “Sooner than you think!” My private clients see improvement in their tone and range within one or two lessons, and major transformation after 10-20 lessons.

What do all these people have in common?

A few months of practice, with guidance from me.

Are you ready to feel confident with your singing, be able to sing anything you want, and love your singing voice?

Thought so!

So I’d like to offer you something I’ve never offered before.

For the next week, I’m offering you the chance to unlock a one-year membership to Nail Every Note for just $9.50 a month.

This gives you access to every single one of my 200+ lessons and exercises – with a brand new lesson every week.

That’s 50% off for the rest of your life.

Get a membership for yourself. Give one (or two) as a gift.

This deal only lasts until June 1.

Ready? Let’s get started. Click here to secure this special pricing

I can’t wait to see what you do!

Adrienne Osborn


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