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After all the work to clear out the showroom to become a performance venue, we have decided to leave it that way and try offering it as a venue for recitals. If you know of any piano teachers who would love to have their students be able to perform on a Yamaha C7, please have them contact us. It’s just in the germ stage now, but we’re working on it and could use input from teachers as to what they would be looking for in the perfect recital venue.

Contact Holly for more info or to add your 2 cents worth!

(303) 761-6858


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OK all you blues fans, here is a chance for you to nominate your Colorado Blues favorites in a number of categories. The Colorado Blues Society’s 4th Annual Members Choice Awards will be coming up this winter and we need you to tell us who the nominees should be. Anyone can nominate, you do not need to be a CBS member to nominate someone. However, once the nominations are over, you will need to be a Colorado Blues Society member to vote on the winners. After all, these are the MEMBERS Choice awards.

All the nominations are done online. The nomination ballot is on the Colorado Blues Society website http://www.coblues.org. This is your opportunity to nominate your favorite band, favorite musicians and singers, favorite club, favorite bartender, best dancers, etc… there are over 30 categories. All of the nominees should be part of our Colorado Blues Community, we want to honor the folks who make our Blues Community special. There is one new category where we are asking for your favorite National performer, so that is the one exception, otherwise let’s keep this all Colorado.

We don’t determine who goes on the ballot, YOU DO! The deadline for nominations is September 24, 2015. Members Voting will start in October. Votes are tabulated and verified by an outside agency. Go to http://coblues.org/members-choice-awards-nomination-form now and let’s get the nominations started!


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Do you have a self produced CD that was released BETWEEN November 1, 2014 and October 31, 2015? MHBS members with Band Memberships may submit your self produced CD for consideration. Entries must be received NO  LATER  THAN  5PM on WEDNESDAY – SEPTEMBER  30! (Post marked or hand delivered by 5pm Sept. 30)

Provide 3 copies of your CD to MHBS, P. O. Box 12464, Denver, Colorado 80212-2464 or hand deliver them to Ziggies, ATTN: Carla, 4923 W. 38th Avenue, Denver, CO 80212

The Winning CD will be forwarded on to The Blues Foundation from MHBS for consideration in their Best Self Produced CD Award during the 2016 IBC week.

Note: The timing might seem peculiar, but the Blues Foundation MUST have the winning CD’s from all affiliates, e.g. MHBS, in their hands no later than November 1, 2015 so we require them in our hands by September 30th so a winner can be determined by a panel of judges. The winner will have to provide 4 additional copies to MHBS to forward on to the Blues Foundation in Memphis for consideration.

About The Best Self-Produced CD:

For thirty-four years, The Blues Foundation has celebrated and recognized established blues artists through the Blues Music Awards. For twenty-nine years, The Blues Foundation has encouraged future blues performers through the International Blues Challenge. The Best Self-Produced CD was established in 2005 to recognize excellence in independent Blues recordings.

Best Self-Produced Official Rules and additional information can be found at:

In a nutshell, the MHBS is limited to ONE NOMINATION for the Best Self-Produced CD. The CD entered does not have to be performed by the band entered in the 2014 International Blues Challenge.


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