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Deadline to apply is June 30, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. A grant coaching session will be held on Monday, June 6th at 7:30pm in the Dairy Center for the Arts. The Program’s Objectives are to: 1)   To document and provide wider exposure for jazz music and the music of contemporary American composers; 2) To assist talented performers in producing a professional quality CD for commercial distribution and self-promotion; 3) To develop audiences for contemporary American music through distribution of recorded performances; and 4) To support the production of new recordings of jazz music.

As an artist you must be a Colorado Resident, have the capability to produce a studio-quality recording, can evidence a strong artistic track record and would clearly benefit from producing a recording in terms of artistic development and in furthering and preserving jazz music.

Pathways to Jazz wants to be confident that you understand who your target audience/market for the recording is, and have a clear understanding of what you will gain from the recording and specifically how you will reach your audience and how you will help to further the objective of Pathways To Jazz to develop audiences and provide wider exposure for jazz music. Simply stating that you will make a recording and put it on your website as a download is not adequate.

You will need to provide a detailed, realistic budget and a specific timeline for your recording process with a target completion date. All recordings must be completed by December 2017.

Review Procedures
Funding decisions will be made by a panel. The following criteria will be applied in evaluating grant proposals:

●    Quality of the music and the importance of the project to the recorded repertoire, to the composer(s) and to the performer(s).
●    Artistic quality and performance history of the performer(s) to be recorded.
●    Feasibility of the recording project:  financial, timetable for the production and release of the recording, plans for distribution and promotion.
●    Commitment to the Pathways To Jazz mission and program objectives. Visit http://www.pathwaystojazz.com


Q. What are the funding amounts and limits for a recording project?

A. Pathways To Jazz may fund a project for a maximum of $5,000. Funding at the top of this range will be exceptional and not likely the average amount of grants awarded. When applying for any amount, please answer the question of how you will proceed with your project if you are not fully funded.

Q. How do I submit samples of my work?

A. It is essential that the grant panel listen to your work, whether that is past projects, or the music from the CD you would like to record.  Please make it easy to find and listen to your samples. Provide mP3s or direct links.  If we cannot easily locate your music and play it online, you may be disqualified from receiving a grant.

Q. I am a CO musician, but not everyone on my project is from Colorado – can I still qualify?

A. Pathways To Jazz wants to support and fund Colorado jazz musicians and you must be a resident of Colorado to apply; however, not every aspect of your project has to be Colorado-based.

Q. What if I can create a recording, but do not have a place to record?

A. Pathways To Jazz can provide you with a resource for a local, high-quality recording studio. Recording prices are not discounted however.

Q. I have more questions – who should I ask?

A. A grant coaching session will be offered 2-3 weeks prior to the grant deadline and will be held at The Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder. It is highly encouraged that you attend this coaching session before submitting your grant.

Q.  Can I apply for more funding if I have been previously funded by Pathways To Jazz.

A. A musician will not be funded in two consecutive years but may apply for another grant after taking a year off.

Application Process
All applications are completed and submitted online. The grant application form for this opportunity may be found here. Grant proposals are accepted and reviewed as they are received. Deadline to apply is: June 30, 2016 at 5pm. A grant coaching session will be held on Monday, June 6th at 7:30pm in the Dairy Center for the Arts. Register for the Coaching Session here.



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