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From Performance High: The music industry has changed radically in the last fifteen years. Gone are the days of getting discovered by a label, getting signed, and having an experienced industry team navigate the waters for you. Now, the music business is a do-it-yourself model for most successful, working musicians.

This seismic shift has opened up both new opportunities and new challenges for artists. There are more resources available for the DIY artist than ever before… but where do you start, and how do you know what to focus on as your career evolves?

What You’ll Learn:
~ How to accelerate your progress by focusing your efforts
~ When to get a manager
~ Understanding different models of manager compensation
~ The role of labels in today’s music industry
~ How to get a music label’s attention
~ How to employ custom strategies and priorities that are unique to you
~ How to discover valuable opportunities and resources that few musicians know of
~ How to make money by playing your music
~ How to submit your music to stores (for compensation)
~ How people get their music on the radio, into movies, or on TV
~ How to utilize the newer channels such as Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and Apple Music
~ Which channels and outlets are right for you
~ The true numbers behind streaming, mechanical, and digital payments
~ Band Partnership Agreements and how to handle them
~ Work for Hire agreements for studio musicians
~ How and when to copyright your songs
~ Avoiding opportunities with no return
~ How to spot scams instantly
~ The rules regarding cover songs on YouTube, SoundCloud, and Facebook, so your account doesn’t get shut down.
~ How to select a PRO (Performing Rights Organization), and get in-person help navigating their websites to register your account and your first work.
~ How to evaluate properly evaluate opportunities
~ Sharpening your focus to stay in control of your career.

Join Performance High’s artist development coach Justin Leighton Long for a seven-week class that gives you an overview of income streams in today’s music industry, how to build them, how to prioritize the overwhelming number of things competing for your attention and time, and how to avoid losing tens of thousands of dollars through bogus “opportunities”. Justin has over twenty years of experience in the old and new music industries, both as an artist with Atlantic Records and as the music business coach to scores of up-and-coming artists.

● This class is limited to 12 artists. (Young artists may bring a parent for free.)
● The price for the 7 week course is $329, less than $50 per class.

We are offering additional discounts for the Spring Session.

– Register before February 25th and receive the special early bird pricing of $289 for all 7 weeks!
(Since this Deadline has passed, ask if you can get the COMBO Discount since you saw it here!)

– Refer a friend and receive $40 off.

– Let us know if you are taking multiple classes, and save $40!

You can combine 2 of the discounts above for a total savings of $80!

For additional information, join us or tune into coach Justin’s QA / meet-and-greet session on Sunday Feb 24 from 4-4:45pm in person at our Denver Studio 1 or on Facebook Live.


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