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Kali Krone (from the Headroom Sessions website)

Alex Teitz writes: On Monday [November 11th] I went to Headroom Sessions. I was impressed. Headroom Sessions has a spot on Channel 12. They’ve been going for 3 years in the Santa Fe Arts District. Each session includes 2 bands who perform to a crowd on 50 or less. Cover is $5. The bands get videos, still photos, and their recording. Each band does 3 songs and can do reshoots. When I was there, it started at 7 and was done by 8 with time to socialize until 9.

ReCreative Denver is a creative re-use non profit craft store and community art center. It is also home to huge art gallery where they feature a new artist every month. This is the Head Room! The ceilings are 25′ high and provide a beautiful big room reverb. Also, the gracious host of each and every Head Room Session.

Check out ReCreative’s website to see what classes they offer and how you can get involved with the non-profit!


Meet the people of Re-Creative Denver:
● Elle Naef, Creative Director – Head Room Sessions Co-Creator; Social Media Strategist;
Intern Coordinator at Girls Rock Denver
● Matthew Shaw, Session Coordinator – Head Room Sessions Co-Creator; Owner/Craftsman at Artzer Shaw Creative Woodworks; Designer/Craftsman at Willoughby/Shaw High Fidelity;
Community Makerspace Manager at ReCreative Denver
● Grampa Boots, Chief Audio Engineer – Head Room Sessions Co-Creator; He wants to help you record your music. Call him: (303) 919 – 9196
● Jane McDonald, Session Writer/Content Contributor – Director of Marketing & Communications at ReCreative Denver; Content Marketing Consultant
● Ian Kueht, Contributing Audio Engineer – Owner/Engineer/Producer at Morning Sound Studio
● Nikki Rae, Contributing Photographer – Nikki A. Rae Photography | http://www.NikkiRae.com
● Bri Erger, Contributing Photographer – Bri Erger Photography | http://www.BriErger.com
● Annie Rose, Contributing Photographer – Annie Rose Photography & Media
● Caito Foster, Contributing Photographer – Caito Foster Photography
● Cassandra Elaine, Season 7 Flyer Artist – Artist/Illustrator/Graphic/Designer/Sculptor/ Performer Teacher/Lover/Learner/Explorer/Creator/Destroyer
● Arna Miller, Season 8 Flyer Artist – Arna Miller Illustration | http://www.ARNAMILLER.com
● Dustin Moon, Contributing Photographer – Dustin Moon Visuals | http://www.MoonVisuals.com
● Willym Brown, Contributing Photographer – Willym Brown Photography
● Katie Langley, Contributing Photographer – KT Langley Photography
● Christopher Doxtator, Contributing Writer – Drummer Extraordinaire | CU Denver Writing Instructor via Beijing, China.
● Carmine Gabbianelli, Contributing Audio Engineer – Founder/Engineer at Frank Captures Magic
● Veronica Lee, Contributing Photographer – V Lee Photographs | http://VLeePhotographs.com
● Michael Angelo Sandoval, Contributing Photographer – Michael Angel Sandoval Photography
● Jen Lustig, Contributing Photographer – Jen Lustig Photography | http://www.JenLustig.com
● Shaun Chapman, Contributing Audo Engineer – Engineer at Magic Eye Tube Productions

Alex Teitz

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