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The Blues Jam is the newest Business member to CBS and The Blues Jam Announces the Launch of the worlds first online monthly Guitar Blues Jam Competition offering up to $5,000 in cash awards.

Their official announcement follows: Fernandina Beach, FL- The Blues Jam is excited to announce the launch of the world’s first monthly online Blues Guitar Jam Competition that allows players to submit a video recording using a different backing tracking each month. The official launch date for The Blues Jam was 9/17/20.

Being a blues guitar player myself, I love live blues jams but unfortunately do not have any in the area where we live and became frustrated with no live jamming outlet to share some of my personal expressions. While there are a few jam apps, or the ability to post your playing on YouTube we wanted to tie both of those experiences together in a different way, in a way that would reward great playing with some cool prizes and cash awards.

We also wanted to support musicians in the community whose livelihood is playing the blues and we have initially partnered with Sean Chambers, Selwyn Birchwood and Jeff Jensen as our Judges and Jacob Quistgaard and Ice B as jam partners producing the backing tracks.

The competition prizes are based upon the number of entries. The more entries, the greater the competition and the larger the prize. Cash Awards are directly related to how competitive the Jam is and how many entries it receives, the more contestants there are in a Competition Jam the larger the payout prizes will be.

· 1st Place – Receives 25% of all entry fees in the Jam
· 2nd Place – Receives 15% of all entry fees in the Jam
· 3rd Place – Receives 10% of all entry fees in the Jam

The Judge/s will receive a 25% honorarium each month and all of the proceeds from Jam Track purchases will go directly to the creators.

Please contact 2thepres@gmail.com for any questions.


From Colorado Blues Society | http://www.coblues.org

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