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Spencer Pyne – a bass player’s bass player!

Spencer Pyne writes: I have been playing bass in a jazz band called Xpansion of a Sum for the last couple years. We released a CD with Gary Dean Smith back in February 2019 called Awakening that did quite well for many months on the jazz charts. It was produced by Jimmy Haslip and featured pianist Jeff Lorber and vocalist Mer Sal.

Recently our sax player decided to leave the band because of his concern with rehearsing and gigging again during these difficult Covid-19 times. He told us he doesn’t think he will ever be comfortable rehearsing or performing again.

So we find ourselves in need of a replacement. Ideally we need a sax player with a love of both traditional and contemporary jazz who is willing and interested in becoming part of our band, not just a hired gun. We would also consider a jazz guitarist or trumpet player as a possible replacement.

If you’re interested, please contact me!

Thanks very much

Spencer Pyne


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