We’d sincerely like to thank Dave DiManna of Denver Loft Sessions and Heather Dalton of Sounds on 29th for speaking at the October 26th COMBO meeting. Both told about what they are looking for in choosing bands to perform on the shows, and will be sending more information soon for us to post so that you can apply.

They both stressed that they are looking “for the whole package” as well as for bands that perform original songs only. Too many legal loopholes involving “cover” songs for the stations to deal with. The “Whole Package” means you not only need to sound good, but you need to look decent, have good stage presence, and good showmanship as well. And don’t forget that “eye contact” is extremely important – if you can’t look at the camera at least 90% of the time, don’t even bother.

Both also wanted good performance – not “concept” – videos presented with the applications. So now is the time to start planning on getting someone with a decent camera and know-how to video one of your shows at a venue with good sound and lighting. None of those “dark and we can’t tell whose in the video” videos!

ALSO A GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO ALEX TEITZ for setting up the speakers for our meeting and for introducing them! Thanks, Alex!


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