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American Documentary (AmDoc) welcomes applications from nonfiction mediamakers who are facing financial emergencies due to unforeseen personal calamities such as health issues, eviction, or disasters. These one-time grants are a direct response to concerns about low salaries and overall sustainability within the documentary field, especially among emerging and underrepresented mediamakers. To date, this is the first fund of its kind dedicated to supporting mediamakers working in nonfiction.

During our pilot year, AmDoc will provide one-time awards of up to $1,000 each to professional mediamakers residing in any US State, Territory or Indian Nation. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis and reviewed based on demonstration of need and professional relationship to documentary filmmaking.

To be eligible for this program, an artist must demonstrate need and professional relationship to documentary filmmaking. “Professional” is defined as producing and/or directing at least one nonfiction film or media project that has been publicly exhibited in a curated and/or noncommercial environment, including online and/or physical programs.

Artists must reside in any U.S. State, Territory, or Indian Nation, and/or be able to receive and cash a check.

Currently enrolled students are not eligible to apply for funding.

This program will support one-time requests of up to $1,000 for immediate financial assistance due to unexpected personal needs or loss, such as those related to health, employment or legal matters, including substantial losses caused by accidental or natural disaster resulting in physical trauma or loss of personal property.

This program does not fund project-based expenses such as production, project supplies, travel, insurance, research, tuition, professional development or screening fees. This program does not fund activities considered as taxable income by the IRS, such as replacement of income (e.g. late paycheck).

To ensure your anonymity, personal identifying information (name, social security, contact information, banking details, etc.) are kept strictly confidential. Your demographic information is optional and collected solely for fund administration and program reporting purposes.

Qualifying applications are reviewed on a rolling basis by an anonymous advisory board comprised of industry professionals across the U.S. In some cases, we may contact you via email or phone to request additional clarifying information. AmDoc will notify you of funding decision within two weeks of submission via the contact email provided, at which point the applicant must digitally submit a certifying statement with documentation of need in order to disperse award.

For questions or assistance submitting the form, please contact us at: programs@amdoc.org. No calls please.


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