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Local guitarist Paul Trinidad, Jr.

Scotty Brown on Facebook re Paul Trinidad: Friends – please send out prayers to my long time dear friend Paul Jr. Trinidad who had a heart attack last night (10/05/20). I just spoke with Paul. He is doing well — thank God. It is a good thing that he got to the hospital when he did or things most likely would have went the other way. Take nothing for granted, live and love each day to its fullest, tomorrow is definitely never promised.

Jay Abbott (of the band Swerve): Attention, Swervies. Please send our guitar player Paul Trinidad some love and healing prayers. He suffered a heart attack last weekend. He got to the hospital quickly and received excellent care. He is recovering and will spend the rest of 2020 doing so. He has informed me that he will be ready to go for 2021 and any Swerve shows that may happen. Love for Paul. Thanks guys.


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From Paul: I had a heart attack over the weekend and am fortunate to be alive today. It was a STEMI – blockage of the coronary artery. After an EKG at the hospital, it was a massive rush and chaos for full immediate medical ER attention. I’m grateful for the hard working staff at Littleton Hospital. ER immediately took action for the best possible outcome, and the follow up care was amazing.

With this comes the need to rehab back to health for me and my family, and unfortunately means I’ll need to take the remainder of 2020 off from music to focus on my heart health and recovery.

This is all a total shock and unexpected. We are grateful to everyone for the support and encouragement during my recovery. I’m blessed to have the care, love and support of my wife, Kathy Trinidad, who has been strong for me and our family and I love you so much! Ari, Steven, and Audrina, and all the family — mom/dad/sister Rene/brother Eric – are here for me, too. Thank you for so much! Love & care. 2021 can’t get here soon enough and I’ll be ready!


[Paul was the guitarist for many years with the bands Razzle Dazzle and Love.45].



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