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Bob Rupp and some of his favorite friends!

From Madison Lucas: My friend Bob Rupp gets out of knee rehab this Friday then he’ll be at home with some home-health assistance so he can hopefully gain some strength and mobility back. 2020 has been a tough year for us all, especially for Bob and Keri, with Bob’s health concerns compounded by his knee accident.

If you haven’t lately, I encourage you wherever you are to reach out to Bob and catch up with him. He’s been lonely lately both in the hospital and in rehab facilities. He’s a terrific friend and I simply would never have been able to see, do, or meet some of the people I’ve met without Bob’s kind, generous friendship.

Let’s help this guy get better soon. Thanks, ~ Madison

Bob and Keri’s mailing address for cards and notes to Bob is:
Bob Rupp
10140 Nadine Avenue
Parker CO 80134


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