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Chris Mercer

Hello, everyone. My friend Chris Mercer, Sr., needs help with mounting medical bills. He has had a biopsy of a fast growing growth on his ear. Unfortunately, the results came back as cancer. He is scheduled to have the cancerous tumor removed and in doing so, he will loose a portion of his ear.

He then will be facing reconstructive plastic surgery to repair the damage from the tumor. He will need further expensive testing to make sure it hasn’t spread.

Chris is a dedicated father of four beautiful children ranging in ages from 5 to 27. He is also going to be a grandfather to a new baby boy soon to be welcomed into the world from his eldest daughter. His children are his world!

He is an extremely talented musician and vocal coach. He had a thriving business with students of all ages which he taught voice/singing lessons. He is also in a popular local band with a large following. He is in a second band as well.

The Covid pandemic has unfortunately negatively impacted many of us. Chris especially was affected! Since the shutdown, he has lost most of his income and, unfortunately, no insurance. This cancer diagnosis couldn’t have come at a worse time.

On behalf of Chris, I can say he would be forever grateful and humbled by your generosity. He has such a wonderful network of family and friends. If you could help by reaching in your pocket to help him relieve his worry on how he is going to pay for his medical bills and recovery, it would be greatly appreciated!


From David Stasney on Facebook: Wanted to share this. This is for my friend and band mate, Chris Mercer, Sr. He was the singer for one of the biggest bands (Valor) to come out of Denver in the 90s… even made an appearance on Star Search on an episode with Alannis Morissette (I’m a fun facts guy lol.)

Please help by sharing if you don’t mind. I know EVERYONE has their own challenges. Sharing or donating is something positive you can make an impact but for someone you know or don’t know

Thank you.

From Chris Mercer on Facebook: My wonderful friend heard about my troubles and put this together. I am humbled.


Tracey A Morrison is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Chris Mercer.


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