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Gene “Geno” Sirokman – funny man and bassist

From COMBO’s VP Annette Cannon: Most of you know that Geno has supported Care for the Caregiver (non profit) by including it to be a Big part of Davestock for the last 14 years or so. Care for the Caregiver, takes care of those nurses, who take care of others and need help themselves.

So in the spirit of giving back to Geno, I have set up a special community bank account under my non profit, for Geno to receive some much needed funds. The money will not be taxed and ALL proceeds will go directly to Geno and his family to help him in his time of need. I started off the account this morning with my donation of $50.00. Donating to his cause is easy.

Simply drive up or go into a TCF Bank, deposit what you can give to acct. #1877442819. It is also listed as “Geno 4 String Sirokman” (in case you want to double check), but it is easier for them to look it up under the acct. number. I will leave the account open until sometime after the first of the year, at which time, I will close the acct..

I will provide Geno and his Family a check for the Full Amount within the acct. and will post a copy of the check for anyone that would like to see it. I will also make the bank statements available to whoever would like to see those too. Full transparency. We all Love Geno and know that he is one of the most loving and giving people around. He has given so much to so many!!! Remember, give what you can, when you can!

Amount deposited does not matter and stop by the bank as many times as you like. <3 ALSO, watch for a possible music fundraiser coming up soon by JMoon Promotions and the Bill Wright Band for Geno. Here is my website (which needs updating) www.careforthecaregiver.webs.com

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