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Eric Gales (from his Facebook page)

From Erika Brown on Fb, 10/10/20: If you are the Praying Kind, please send up prayers for Eric and LaDonna Gales. I have long admired Eric’s artistry in the Blues, and he is a jewel in the Blues Crown. His wife has been his steadfast companion and is a fierce Queen in her own right. Thanks for reading this, and thanks Annika for sharing.

From LaDonna Gales: I’m extremely weak and couldn’t drive my husband to hospital. EMS just came and he will be in the hospital for awhile.

This is the update especially for family. I am unable to talk at the moment so I won’t be accepting phone calls or text.

From Zakk DeBono: Guys we need your prayers for Eric and LaDonna. If you think the virus is a joke or something that isn’t real, your apart of the problem. It’s a major problem and we have friends in need. Please include these amazing souls and fine friends in your prayers and thoughts. We can heal each other with amazing thoughts and great vibes. The lord has amazing plans for all of us. We will get thought this together.

Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/EricGales/

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