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I-70 downhill warning

Alf reminds us that the COVID fight is not over yet.

From Alf Kremer: Anyone who has driven down from the mountains has seen this sign. Well, this is where Colorado is in the first wave of Covid-19. The number of new daily cases has dropped from over 500 to under 200, and that’s pretty awesome. But if we’re to get over the first wave completely, we need to keep going, and hopefully bring it down even further.

How can we do that? I’ve found the smartest move isn’t to think “how do I keep from catching this?” It’s to assume I already have it, and to do my utmost not to pass it on to anybody else. This changed my mindset from “Oh, I’m sure my friends are safe” to “I don’t want to be responsible for passing a potentially deadly disease on to anybody, especially not my friends”.

• I’m staying home as much as I can. The fewer people I interact with, the fewer I can give it to.

• When I go out, I wear a mask. I’ll lower it when I’m driving, but otherwise it stays over my mouth and nose when I’m in public. (To the two people I’ve seen in stores who have approached shop personnel…and then taken the mask down to talk to them…SERIOUSLY?)

• I do the twenty-second hand wash every time I come home or arrive to work.

• I do the twenty-second hand wash every time I come home or arrive to work.

• I’m trying to make good choices when I go out. I’ll order from restaurants, but I’m sticking with takeout or delivery (but tipping like I ate in). For social interaction, I’m bringing my own food and drink to a friend’s backyard, and staying six feet away while we eat and chat. Again, I’m assuming I’m infected, and doing what I can to not infect anybody else.

This isn’t what I want to do. I don’t enjoy wearing a mask all day at work. I miss hanging out with friends. But I sincerely believe it’s the right thing to do. If we start seeing a heavy upturn in new cases, things are gonna have to start closing again. And I don’t think anybody wants that. So I think I need to do all I can to prevent that from happening.

~ Alf


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