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Chandra Brent (from her Facebook page)

[Editor’s note: I checked with Jake Brent, Chandra’s husband, and he said this is not a scam. Chandra is quite ill and the medical bills will be astronomical.] From Sara Elizabeth Rempher: Some you may know that Chandra fell ill a few days ago. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital where she has been ever since. At some point during her stay, her respiratory system began to struggle. It was decided that she needed to be intubated (meaning a tube to help her breathe) and was placed in a medically induced coma.

You might be asking, how did this happen? What’s causing her to be so sick? The answer is – we don’t know. Tests are being run daily to get the answers everyone wants.

As of this evening (5/19/20), Chandra is still on a ventilator and in a coma. These are difficult and emotional moments for her family and friends. Jake, her sister, her Mom, her Dad – they are by her side as much as the hospital will allow.

We can help ease some of the burden by raising funds needed to get Chandra the best care she can get. She is in the Intensive Care Unit and you wouldn’t believe the costs that add up. We know everyone is struggling but I know we can and will help our dear friends.

We ask that you please respect the family and allow for updates on their terms. I have been told that they will update as often as they can. Unfortunately, all we can do is wait and hope an answer will show itself soon. We can 100% say that this is NOT Coronavirus. So let’s help lift up our friends in this uncertain time. Chandra is very, very loved by many, so let’s support her by supporting her family.


From Johnette Brewer: Hello everyone, this is for all of you who know and love my sister Chandra. My parents, Jake and I are currently trying to navigate through all of this. While we’d like to respond to each of you it’s just to much at this time, nor do we have all the facts or information to offer you. We don’t want to share any misinformation and we have a waiting period to get through. I know you are all worried and concerned. Please keep the positive thoughts and prayers coming her way. Please understand and find patience as we are having to do this as well. Waiting is difficult. We will let you all know just as we can what this situation looks like. Sincerely thank you for all your love?? and support

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