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Kevin Oser (from his Facebook page)

Guitarist Kevin Oser on Facebook: This AM, I went to Denny’s to have breakfast and was sitting at the counter when an older gentleman asked if the seat next to me was taken. No, it was not. He sat and we chatted a little. He is in his eighties, ex-military and retired from the police dept. in Denver. He was very courteous and didn’t speak as I ate (he hadn’t received his food yet). When I had finished, I asked if he had family or friends in town, to which he replied ‘no’ – his son lived out of state, and he had no friends and had lost his wife 10 years prior. I thanked him for his service but he thanked me for talking to him and being here for his service to matter.


I bought his breakfast, which he wouldn’t know until after I had said good bye …

Please, people … be nice to each other… peace and love !

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