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COMBO member – The AWESOME Hazel Miller! (Photo by and courtesy of David Barber of Rock on Colorado.com & Possibility Promotion)

From Hazel Miller: Hello Fellow Coloradans, I am writing this message because I’m confused and I want clarification. The President and the Governor are asking all of us to band together to halt the spread of Coronavirus.

We should do all we can to help stop the virus in its tracks. It’s our duty to enforce the rules set out for us all. We will do as we are asked to do. But I want to point out that our President is pushing a bill that will help hourly wage earners. I think that’s great… BUT what about all of us who are self-employed… entertainers, musicians, artists, jewelry makers, tailors, dressmakers, domestic workers and others who work to feed our families?

Write, call or text your representatives in Washington & Denver ask them to remember the rest of us who will have NO work for weeks or months! What are we to do from our homes & apartments that will feed out families and pay our bills?

I asking all of my family & friends to share this message! Those of us who are self-employed are the backbone of small business! Help me remind our politicians that we are here!!!

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