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Drummer JB Maroncelli

Drummer JB Maroncelli with 2 of his favorite fans (from JB’s Facebook page)

Hey, Fam – Update/check-in … gawd, what a ride! I’ve left the drum shop for the day but find a lot of solace being there. Cancer: I shaved what little was left of my hair.

I have not responded well to the chemo drugs – they’ve cancelled my remaining 2 doses. I’ve had some serious side effects, some that may be irreversible. I’ve not been able to feel my feet for a week, and some in my hands. It’s neuropathy. It’s scary! Along with some other stuff.. Like bloody noses, bloody dry skin. I’ve not slept in months, distention… and-on-and-on-and-on….

I will go forward with radiation, and hormone therapy as scheduled, but chemo is done. I had blood work and labs today [2/5/21]. We’ll see if the chemo I got was enough.

Hope you ALL are well,
Love you, love you!

~ JB
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