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Julie Geller of Denver’s women’s Setting the Stage network

I have a bucket list of one. I want to bike across this beautiful country before I die.

Those of you who have been on my team for a while may know that I have been in hip pain for about three years. I had a surgery last spring and it didn’t resolve the issue.

So – I’m taking a big (so-called) leap toward my biking dream, and also toward running and hiking again (plus I’m dying to take up a martial art!!) by having another surgery for something called FAI.

If you want to help, please hold space for me tomorrow knowing that this surgery will be successful, that I will be comfortable afterwards, that the recovery will be easier than expected, that soon I will be active again, and that one upcoming summer you’ll see me rolling through the Shenandoah mountains on my as-of-yet-unpurchased brand new bike, drenched in sweat and joy, hopefully not being chased by a bear!

Oh, and send jokes.

With love,

ps – Related to my life update, I thought you might enjoy this video, where I discuss how hopefulness and hopelessness are both present in my life and where I play my song Somebody.

pps – Come join us at our show at the Soiled Dove Underground in Denver on 7/18. Really! We would love to have you there!


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