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Fan favorite radio host at KBPI Willie B

From Willie B. – Don’t even know where to begin, past couple days have been a blend of nightmares and blessings. What happened is a nightmare for anyone but the Blessings of Friends, the BPI family, people who I’ve never even met asking how they can help just chokes me up and humbles my heart beyond words. I just can’t Thank You enough. My family so appreciates the Love and most of you know I’m kind of a softy at heart so I’m just dropping tears writing this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.!

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Hey BPI Family! Willie B has and continues to give so much to Coloradans over the last 20+ years. Now, he needs our help after losing his home to a fire. If you can, please help his family by donating.

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By Gary Brode, 7News | He’s the voice many hear on their drive to work every morning. You know him as Willie B on KBPI.

As he walks through his charred home Monday evening, Willie B is simply Steven Meade, a man who lost so much in one night.

“When I first saw it I was like, ‘God, no! First reaction is to make sure the family is safe and try to save your home,” Meade said.

Meade’s family got to safety while Meade try to stop the fire from spreading. Meade says the fire started because of an electrical wire.

In minutes, the garage and most of the memories in it were gone. Since the fire Sunday night, Meade has been going through his home trying to salvage what he can.

“I’ve been doing radio for a long time. This helmet I got, Sully from Godsmack signed. Actually, you could still kind of make it out,” Meade said as he looked at the helmet covered in ash.

It’s going to be a while before Meade and his family can call this home again. Meade was told it will be about six months before they are allowed back in their home.

“I’m just realizing the kids will miss Christmas here,” Meade said with a tear in his eye.

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