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Niki Bollack on Fb, 7/29/19: What a wonderful experience this weekend! How incredibly touching to be able to be an advocate for John at the Hike MS Event! The inspiration from meeting and connecting with strangers was overwhelming!

There aren’t words to describe the feeling of introducing yourself to someone watching the band and tell them “this is my husband John, he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in November of 2000” as he’s playing a song and they respond with “my sister was diagnosed 3 years ago” or “my husband was diagnosed in 2009” or “I’m hiking in memory of my friend” or “I was diagnosed 7 years ago”. Every single person I spoke to commented on how inspiring it was to see him preforming at the event when in all honesty, I was inspired by those participating and raising money for the MS Society.

The feeling of a hiker passing by the band’s canopy with a service dog’s leash tied around her waist and a cane in each hand, the look of pure determination on her face doing that hike on Keystone mountain is just too great for words! The only words that come to mind are humbling and awe inspiring!

So very proud of John for giving back in the best way he knows how and thankful for the moments I shared with strangers!

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