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Send “Get Well Soon” wishes to Jacob Larson – COVID-19 hit him hard.

UPDATE 3/31/20 (from Hazel Miller): Are you ready for REALLY good news? We just spoke to the doctor and in his words “Jacob had a really good morning”. It is looking like he will be off the ventilator in the next few days. He was wide awake, interacting and even gave a thumbs up! Yay! Although the fever persists without the doctors knowing why, it was explained to us that some reports have shown this is happening with some COVID patients. His tests & bloodwork are continuing to come back normal – we are still waiting for a few [test results]. Today he starts his ‘breathing trials’ which is when they have Jacob do all of the breathing work by himself for an hour or so and monitor how he is doing. This is one step closer to Jacob getting the breathing tube out. Again, Yay! We love and appreciate you all. We will keep you updated.

O.K. I’m dancing in my room!!! Keep up the prayers and good wishes. I knew we could help Jacob with prayer.

UPDATE 3/30/20 (from Hazel Miller): This comes straight from his Dad! We just spoke to the doctor. He continues to make an upward trajectory in improvements. They rechecked bloodwork & organs and as the test results come in – things are looking good. He continues to have a fever but they have ruled out any infections so are thinking it’s a possible allergic reaction to some meds. They have changed up some things. They continue to work on that very fine balance (while reducing the sedation) to a place where he is comfortable, awake & interactive. He is currently getting 45% support from the ventilator and he is doing the rest. This all is news that encourages us and keeps us grounded that he is getting a bit better each day – but we won’t let up our guard yet. We are overwhelmed by the mind boggling vast amounts of people praying for and thinking positively about Jacob. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of this. We appreciate your prayers, the fact that many of you have added him to countless prayer circles.

UPDATE 3/28/20 (from Adrienne Osborn): Update from Jacob Larson’s dad: “We are cautiously optimistic today after talking to Jacob’s doctor. We know that for every two steps forward, he may take a step back. The doctor said there was continued improvements overnight. They are going to minimalize sedation but, of course, keep him on pain killers. The goal today is to encourage Jacob to interact more – squeezing hands and moving toes. They will continue to turn down the ventilator so that Jacob is doing more of the breathing work. We would cautiously say he has turned a positive corner. This is because Jacob is strong, he is young, he is a fighter and every one of you have given him the courage and love to keep fighting. We are deeply grateful and want to ask that you don’t stop now! Keep doing all of the beautiful wonderful things you’ve been doing to get him home.”

3/26/20: While we hear more cases of this… here is an update on Jacob Larson

Update from his Step Mom today –

“After talking over the doctor’s conversation, the most important thing to take from it is that she is very encouraged by the specific data she’s getting off of the ventilator. The ventilator is showing that his lungs are improving. His vitals are staying steady, his temperature is steady with medication; his blood pressure is steady without medication, and the medical professionals are helping to address some things like puffiness from all of the medication and saline he is getting.

He is continuing to be able to do a good portion of the breathing himself with support from the ventilator. They are done with the malaria medication now. I hope that this is helpful for everyone and we are continuing to feel very hopeful knowing this is going to be a very slow long process to full recovery but he will get there for sure. Thank you for helping get the word out.”

David Stasney > Colorado Tribute & Cover Band Community on Fb 3/24/20: I was asked to spread the word by his step mom. Jacob Larson was confirmed as having COVID-19. See below messages from Jacob’s friends and family regarding his condition as of March 25, 2020.

UPDATE, 3/25/20: “A few more baby step celebrations to report despite Jacob still being in critical condition… he’s been taking the malaria drug now for 4 days and the infectious disease doc said today he believes it is starting to work. He is still on the respirator and unconscious but Jacob can do a tiny bit of the work himself now. Huge celebrations even among the daunting challenges he continues to face.

“The update is that Jacob was confirmed as having COVID. He went on a respirator last night and is now in critical condition. Please spread the word … that we need as much positive thoughts and prayer as we can possibly get. Thank you so much.”

Jacob is not only my friend but his dad is my boss (the past 5 years) in my day job. Jacob is 22 years old.

I said I wouldn’t share any more of these but I still see people being so ignorant out there. Let this one sink in.

Please send him a note, he will get it.

Adrienne O: Still holding my breath, waiting for Jacob Larson to recover from this virus. I don’t yet have any different news today.

Jacob was one of my first students, starting back when he was 11 going on 12. I’ve watched him grow from a kid with big pipes and raw talent into a wonderful young man with big pipes and polished talent. I’ve never met someone with quite the combination of work ethic, humility, talent, and positive attitude that he has. Plus, his love and acceptance for humans of all types has grown him an enormous circle of loving friends and followers in the Colorado scene.

He was my backup singer in Adrienne O and The Legend Makers, and I have been a backup singer in the Jacob Larson Band for as many gigs as I could make, ever since it was formed years ago. He’s my main front man! We have so much fun together on stage – you can see it in these photos [photos on Adrienne’s Facebook page].

We’re all pulling for you, Jacob. See you when you get to the other side of this.

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