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Chris Mercer – ready to fight the battle!

Got my stitches removed yesterday. Doctor says the margins on the ear were good and cancer free. Still awaiting biopsy results on my lymph system but the doctor said that they were visually normal and he felt those were going to be clear of cancer as well.

For a few days after the surgery I was dealing with some pretty crippling anxiety and panic attacks. These were either from a reaction to the Ketamine anesthesia or the Oxycodone pain killer. Once I got detoxed off of those I felt pretty good. I still have little panic attacks but nothing like what I had before.

Next step is to deal with the brain aneurysm that they found. Not out of the woods yet and I have been unable to work as my hearing is still coming back as well as my voice from the tube down my throat.

Thank you all so much for the good energy and love you have put out there for me. I would not be making it without you.


[Chris has been the lead singer for so many bands. I met him when he was lead for “Valor” way back when… Love him, and we all wish you the best and a speedy recovery, Chris. ~ Barb]


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