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From Clarence Cage on Fb, 8/31/19: We ( Gino, Perry from TX. & I) took a few minutes today, to help celebrate the “home going”of a friend’s only son. Everybody knows my friend Gary Satchel by the name “Sugar Bear”, one of Denver’s Premier Song writer/ blues guitarists.

I played drums a number of years in The Sugar Bear Band, and then I was the vocalist for a number of years. Holly Fay Hoverson, Gino Horn, Sugar Bear and myself made an outstanding band that worked 5-6 nights a week almost every week for a very long time! My health brought my playing drums exclusively to an end, but it was also the reason I built my own band (Network) and became a lead vocalist exclusively.

It’s very, very sad for a parent to bury their son… first born or otherwise. But, it’s also sad when close friends witness that loss and have to also travel that road with a friend knowing that there’s absolutely NOTHING you can do when “I’m Sorry” really does so little to ease that pain.

Perry drove up from TX. Gino and I could not have missed it for the world. That’s what real friends are for — to lean on in whatever capacity that helps one survive this type of sadness. If you have a prayer or positive thought to spare Sugar Bear, Linda, Michelle and other family members could really use some of that love right about now.

Bear’s health and heart really could use all of your thoughts and prayers. They’re holding on, but the loss of your first born is always so hard to contend with!

This was a very sad, touching, and yet JOYFUL day. The service was beautiful, the attendance was beautiful and the love in that room was electrifying.

I’m assuming the musician absentee level was so high simply because so few know that Gary Satchell and Denver’s own Sugar Bear are one of the same. Sugar Bear – U R LOVED!

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