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Keith Richards (from the Rolling Stones’ website)

Stephen Terry on Fb, 9/05/19: “There’s going to be an awful lot of mourning going on… Stephen reminds us that our musical heros are “getting up there” and that “Rule of Three” may hit us hard one of these days.

Bob Dylan (78 years old);
Paul McCartney (77);
Paul Simon (77) and
Art Garfunkel (77);
Carole King (77);
Brian Wilson (77);
Mick Jagger (76) and
Keith Richards (75);
Joni Mitchell (75);
Jimmy Page (75) and
Robert Plant (71);
Ray Davies (75);
Roger Daltrey (75) and
Pete Townshend (74);
Roger Waters (75) and
David Gilmour (73);
Rod Stewart (74);
Eric Clapton (74);
Debbie Harry (74);
Neil Young (73);
Van Morrison (73);
Bryan Ferry (73);
Elton John (72);
Don Henley (72);
James Taylor (71);
Jackson Browne (70);
Billy Joel (70); and
Bruce Springsteen (69, but turning 70 next month).”

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