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Rick Roberts on Fb, 6/03/20: Michael Clarke was born on this day (June 3rd) in 1946. He would have been 74 today. I played in more bands with Mike (3) than any other musician in my lifetime like The Flying Burrito Brothers, Firefall, and the 20th Anniversary Salute to the Byrds.

Of course, before I came to town, he was in some band called The Byrds.

Michael caught a lot of flack for not having the chops of a Keith Moon or Ginger Baker, but he was very creative, and what I call a great singer’s drummer.

He didn’t think of the drums as another solo instrument, and he left plenty of room for the vocals to thrive.

He did tend to try and beat you to the end of the song sometimes.

Happy Birthday Michael! You will always have my love.

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