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Ron Meyers, 69, a piano man, is a veteran of the US Armed Forces. During treatment for a hip fracture, he was diagnosed with three cancers. Recent diagnosis considers his condition to be terminal.

Ron is a recognized piano restorer. A fund-raising dinner was recently held to help out with medical expenses. Some of his friends that are accomplished local pianists performed at that fund raiser.

These are very challenging times for Ron and his family. Anything you can do would mean the world to them.

You can still support the cause by sending a check to:
Ron Meyers
c/o American Classic Piano
3104 W Jefferson Ave
Sheridan, CO 80110

We will see to it that every penny gets to Ron.

If you have an interest in old pianos with character, talk to Ron or us about what he might have. He is trying to liquidate his inventory. Even if it’s not finished, we can help with that. This is a team. See Ron’s page below with his team of friends and associates.

Thank you.
Ron’s friends,
Warren and Holly

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