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Evil Stan Monroe of “Vivid Black” (from his Facebook page)

From Stan Monroe on Fb, 8/25/19: Thought before bedtime: Many of my friends have expressed suicidal thoughts in their posts in recent months. This troubles me, but I understand that men and women may feel like all hope is lost. People can feel overwhelmed by the pressures of living and want an easy way out.

I get it, but message me. Call me. Let’s talk.

I don’t care if you are close family or a remote acquaintance. Your well-being is important to me. Even if we have never actually spoken face-to-face or even met in person, call me or message me.


I am not an expert in depression or the intricacies of human psychology, but I feel like I possess a unique ability to empathize and sympathize. Also, having won a tough battle with cancer myself, I understand feelings of despair.

Seriously. Let’s talk.

You are not alone.

You have a friend.

~Stan Monroe™

(I do a lot of joking around on Facebook. People may actually have the impression that I am “evil.” It’s not true. It’s all in fun. The truth is that I am a softie with a big heart. I cried while watching “Field of Dreams” and “Schindler’s List.” Life is short. Love each other. Be good to each other.)

Jason Abbott: Remember. Some days are great and some days are shit. You’ll never know if you missed a great day tomorrow if you don’t stick around and find out.

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