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Send “Get Well Soon” wishes to Jacob Larson – COVID-19 hit him hard.

From John via Hazel Miller: Fabulous update for Jacob Larson on 4/3/20 | Jacob asked for a vanilla milkshake for his throat – That’s a great sign He is exhausted today so is resting a lot. His voice is very weak and he is still using the white board to communicate if they can’t understand him. They are not needing to give him any sedation during the day because he has been able to rest comfortably. If things continue to progress as they have been, he will be moved to a regular room two or three days from now.

Unfortunately, he will still not be allowed ANY visitors, which is so tough, but we are so very grateful he is getting such excellent care. It was shared with us that reports out of China, North Korea and Seattle are showing that the reinfection rate is very low. We again want to thank all of you for EVERYTHING you have done to help Jacob and his family. We feel all of it, we appreciate everything and we are so very grateful for you.

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