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On of several murals of Elijah McClain (by Ameya)

By John Wenzel, The Denver Post | Just north of the Colorado State Capitol, a thin but recognizable image swims into view as drivers, cyclists and pedestrians approach the intersection of Sherman Street and East 18th Avenue.

It’s a young man, his legs crossed and eyes closed, sitting on a wooden swing and playing a violin, a cat by his side.

The “Memorial for Elijah McClain,” as Baltimore artist Reed Bmore called it on Instagram, was installed over Thanksgiving after Bmore was “moved to create this piece and donate (it) to the city of #Denver,” he wrote.
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McClain, who loved animals, was the 23-year-old violinist and massage therapist who died days after he was restrained by Aurora police with a chokehold that has since been banned. His violent, tragic death became a nationwide rallying cry amid Black Lives Matter protests this year, which demanded police reforms in the wake of his death on Aug. 30, 2019.

Nationally renowned Denver artists such as Detour and Hiero Vega have painted murals of McClain around town, as have others. Bmore’s piece, putting McClain’s image out of reach and above the mundane traffic of daily life, prompted Detour to proclaim, “Tooooo beautiful!” on Twitter this weekend.

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[This young man was just out right murdered by the police and EMTs. Why haven’t they been held responsible yet, almost a year and a half later?]

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