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Question: Hello everyone, my name is Lou and I’m new to your wonderful forum. I was wondering if anyone has any feedback on Music X-Ray. [Editor’s Note: Last names are withheld for privacy purposes.]

Reply from Robert:
Hi, Lou. What kind of feedback from Music X-Ray are you talking about? I’ve been using the service for almost a year and have submitted to many opportunities, primarily song placements with various companies, publishers, or tv production people. Not looking to be a star, just want to write some songs that other people could utilize and hopefully get some financial compensation for the work. I haven’t placed anything yet. Feedback I get is good songs but, “Hook is not strong enough for today’s market” or “Not what we’re looking for”, or one guy liked the song but said it was “too jazzy” for his project and asked to hear something more pop. [I] sent him a pop song and he said it was good but still not right for this project. I suppose, at some point, lightening will strike and I’ll submit a tune that will be just a perfect fit or you could just continue to work on your song craft, keep making the music that you know is great & keep putting it out there.

Response from Lou:
Hey, Robert, thanks for your response. Your feed back is basically what I was looking for. I, too, write songs for other people and projects but I was searching the net and it seemed a lot of people were calling them a scam. I know most writers including myself think that their song is “the best thing since sliced bread”and sometimes the song doesn’t fit the project and other times the truth [is] that the song isn’t really any good is hard to swallow but I wanted to see if others had been responded to by the listers or publishers at all. I think I might try a few listings. Thanks again, and good luck to you and your music.

Response from Erika:
Hi, Lou. Just before coming to this thread, I received feedback from an ‘industry pro’ on X-Ray saying, once again, that I didn’t make the final cut. This time, I’m bummed, because they’re always telling me I’m a “good candidate”. If the want ad is asking for writers to develop and I submit my work and they have a positive response, but don’t accept me even as a writer to DEVELOP, I just don’t know where to go from there. And adding insult to injury: the money was spent for nothing (unless you look at the feedback as something). Their industry professional pockets get fatter, because I’m willing to pay to be successful… It just feels weird, especially after a lot of submissions with no wins. I wish there was some recourse.. IDK.. it’s a lot to deal with sometimes. I’ll probably have a better attitude about it in a couple days. 😉

There’s as well, fyi. I don’t believe either is a scam, and I do wish you great success.

Response from Barb Dye (President of COMBO):
Don’t waste your time or money. There are many thousands of aspiring songwriters who submit to this and other sites. Instead, use your money to go to events like the Durango Songwriters Expo (NOT in Durango, CO), and/or join a songwriter group like NSAI. Get feedback from your peers. And when you start getting really great feedback, or someone wants to cover your song, then look for a good publisher. You’ll meet them at the DSE or local music groups like the Colorado Music Association (a/k/a COMBO).

Response from Billy:
Regarding Music X-Ray. Let’s be honest, there are thousands of people like us around the world who are writing what we consider to be hit songs. In reality, they are not. Most of the songs that are present on the market are songs written by the singer, and because they are already famous, their songs are accepted.

Having said this, I have joined many sites that allow the world to listen to our written songs. Like most of the comment here, Music Xray is not, in my opinion, one of the best. I have had the same responses as you, Nice but not a strong enough hook. The best site I have used is www, I have uploaded several songs, and in a short space of time built up a following of hundreds, and have received many emails for encouragement from around the world. The comments tell me that my music is appreciated, and perhaps should be taken on by the professionals. But I am still at a loss to figure out how to do this.

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