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Guitarist Roe Miranda [photo from his Go Fund Me page]

Excuse me for being blunt and direct. My husband Roe is in a plethora of doctors, their weak interpretation of labs and explanation. Roe is sick as hell. It is a disgrace that the only people to visit him are my mom, my dad and his mom. Anyone in a conversation about any “EVENT” needs to call me or text me. I have my husband’s life in my care. Call me and talk to me – please.

At this point, Roe has heard from many dear friends to work it through. I’ve had my breakdown with Roe suffering already and not being able to do anything about it. I don’t know many of Roe’s friends talking about an event for Roe – and I feel that I need to be included.

Anyone involved in any event, please call me.


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Go Fund Me Set Up For Guitarist Roe Miranda – Suffering From Kidney Failure

From Roe Miranda on Fb, 1/29/18: Ok, so you’ve been wondering what I’m doing or hiding under a rock. Well, gonna cut to the chase. Dr. says I have kidney failure because of my high blood pressure. So now I’m taking meds and not doing so great. They say I just have to get used to them. Now that I have announced this info, insurance won’t pay for it and I’m not having any support for the choice of care I have chosen to follow.

I need help to pay for Stem Cell therapy and feel very positive and optimistic that this is the only medical road for me. Yes, it’s controversial and a less traveled way. I already know about the conventional procedures.

For those who kind of don’t know me, some know me as a guitar player in Houston and Denver. Some know me as a music teacher and music store owner. Some know me as a therapeutic massage therapist from Canyon Ranch, Aspen Club and Yampa Spa. Some know me as an Owner/Op truck driver for Landstar. But in my heart, I am a guitar player. And now I need your help to dive into the unknown. I want you to know this plea for help is very hard for me – because helping someone else comes easy for me and asking for help is foreign to me. But before all else, I thank you for reading this plea for help. Yes, I’m scared but I know with your help, love and prayers, all is well.

I want to thank my friend Brad Rushing who has helped me in so many ways and helped me launch the Go Fund Me page.

Thank you so much. I love you guys,


From Brad Rushing: This is Roe’s Go Fund Me page: https://www.gofundme.com/roemiranda

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