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Ronald Broadnax – RIP

From Marky DeSade on Fb, 2/20/18: Ronald Broadnax, beloved bouncer for the world famous Whisky A Go Go, was well-known and much loved in the live music business. He was tragically shot and killed in front of his home on his birthday on February 14th, 2018 (Valentines Day, no less), which was the result of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, as he was not even the intended victim… hence his death has shocked and deeply saddened the music industry, club patrons, friends and family alike.

Ron was quite possibly one of the nicest, kindest, most humble human beings that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, a truly sweet and sincere soul. He was an open-minded avid music fan of many different genres and he loved meeting all of the fans and the bands and watching them interact as the music commenced nightly. He had a smile for everyone and he was very complimentary, accommodating and helpful towards the patrons and the bands alike that came to the Whisky A Go Go, making all in attendance feel welcome, safe, secure and at ease.

I was extremely humbled myself by the attention that Ron paid to me in particular by often telling me how much he liked my bands and that he thought I was an excellent frontman. But even more humbling was how he frequently told me that he thought that I was one of the most unique and creative individuals that he had ever met in regard to my sense of style and fashion and how much he respected me for it and for the way that I carried myself, and that I was his favorite customer because of it… which was quite an honor to hear time and again from such a wonderful person as he was, and is an admiration for which I will always be humbly honored by and will forever cherish.

I am truly devastated over his loss and I simply cannot believe it, nor the tragic circumstances surrounding it, as he was someone that truly did not deserve the demise that he was dealt, hence I am heartbroken and will be forever more in regard to it.

R.I.P. Brother Ron ~ You Will Forever Be Truly Honored, Cherished And Missed. ??

I’m so sorry that we didn’t have more time to get to know each other better, and also that it ended this way… but I’ll see you soon enough though.

May we meet again someday and feast together in the Halls of Our Ancestors. ~ Marky

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Ronald Broadnax, a beloved member of the Whisky A Go Go security team was tragically gunned down at the age of 50 in front of his home. In sad irony, his life ended on the same day as his birth, February 14th.

A familiar face at the Whisky A Go Go. Ron had a knack for making everyone from celebrity to commoner feel comfortable. He will best be remembered for infectious warmth, kind words, and smile.

Ron’s personality always embraced the human inside everyone. He was a major part of making a world- famous club feel as comfortable as any home.

The unexpected loss not only leaves many grieving, but also places a hardship on his family. Ron leaves behind two daughters and a granddaughter in Los Angeles, and extended family in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Funds from this effort will go toward assisting with funeral expenses, or any other needs of his family.

Please help us raise as much money as possible so that the legacy of Ron can live without burden.


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